Alabama Man Gets In Shootout With Police After Firing On Motorist

After an hours-long standoff, the suspect was taken into custody after shooting a Hoover, Alabama police officer midday Sunday.

A motorist reported multiple shots had been fired into his vehicle. The incident did not result in any injuries.

Upon receiving a description of the suspect vehicle, officers quickly located it.

After exiting the interstate, the suspect vehicle pulled into a Hoover apartment complex.

Officers were then fired upon by the suspect. It is unknown whether the suspect was struck by police fire when they returned fire, according to Lowe.

The residents reported hearing at least eight or nine shots fired during the incident.

The suspect then is believed to have fled into the 3600 Building where he is believed to have taken refuge in an apartment. According to Lowe, police were negotiating with the suspect. Police reported that the suspect was taken into custody at 3:41 p.m., but they did not say whether he responded to the negotiation attempts.

The officer was transported to UAB Hospital by police escort. It is not believed that his injuries are life-threatening. The hospital reported that he was alert and stable when he left the scene.

His bullet-proof vest and arm were shot, according to friends on social media.

Several agencies, including the United States Marshals, deployed tactical officers in Jefferson and Shelby counties. Aldridge Gardens was used as a law enforcement staging area.

Bystanders and media were cleared from the perimeter by police. Residents reported being evacuated shortly before 2 p.m. Some were told to shelter in place, while others were taken to the complex’s leasing office. A lifting of that order followed the arrest of the suspect.

There were officers stationed on Lorna Road blocking off all entrances to the complex.

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