Active Shooter Leaves Several Hospitalized During Nighttime Manhunt In Neighborhood

‘Active shooting’ reported near trail in Raleigh, North Carolina: Police – ABC News

A high-level city leader told news reporters that an off-duty officer was killed, and that multiple people are dead. At least four people are hospitalized in addition, and WakeMed has received four patients related to the shooting. Information on their conditions after the shooting was not immediately disclosed.

Witnesses said they heard three gunshots and saw a man in camouflage pass by their house. They reported the suspicious activity that they saw to 911.

Police swarmed the Hedingham neighborhood for hours during an apparent manhunt, but details remained scant by early evening. They searched both the neighborhood and the woods near the Neuse River Greenway Trail.

They asked residents to remain in their homes and call 911 if they see anything suspicious. The Hedingham Golf Club also closed as a precaution of safety.

Brooke Medina was driving home from work when she saw police cars and ambulances speeding toward her neighborhood. She and her family closed their windows, locked their doors and congregated in an upstairs hallway together, listening to the police scanner and watching local news.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper spoke to Raleigh Mayor Mary Ann Baldwin and instructed state law enforcement to provide assistance to the dangerous incident.

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