17-Year-Old Who Killed His Mother And 6-Year-Old Brother Pleads Guilty


Levi Norwood, 17, pleaded guilty to the murder of his mother and 6-year-old brother.

Levi Norwood was 17 when his two family members were found dead by the father, Joshua Norwood, on Valentine’s Day in 2020. Levi Norwood pleaded guilty to first and second-degree murder charges.

Joshua Norwood, the shooter’s father, said his 6-year-old son didn’t greet him at the door and that he opened the door to find his 17-year-old son shooting him in the head. He said he scrambled to find his family and later saw them dead. Joshua Norwood died just months after his wife and child’s death in an unrelated incident. Authorities said at the time that no foul play was suspected.

“The murderer I called a son until that act must have ran once he heard me yell, as he knew his ambush shot failed,” Joshua Norwood wrote following the deaths in the comment section.

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