Young Woman Tricked And Killed For Her Unborn Baby

An eight-month-pregnant Mexican woman died after her unborn child survived a horrifying ordeal after a couple sliced her open.

New York Post reported that authorities in the Mexican state of Veracruz found Rosa Isela Castro Vazquez dead after she disappeared following a planned meetup with a woman she met online who promised to give her hand-me-down baby clothes.

When Vasquez did not return, her husband alerted authorities, and the transcripts of their online chats showed they had planned to meet at a pharmacy near her home.

Vasquez was captured on surveillance video standing outside the pharmacy and being led into a vehicle.

After a police raid on a ranch on Saturday, Vasquez was found dead. Her unborn child was removed from her womb.

Also on Saturday, Veronica “N” was suspected of bringing a newborn into a Veracruz hospital without being able to prove ownership.

As a result, the police arrested Veronica “N” and her partner, Gonzalo “N,” and believe Veronica “N” stole the baby because she was unable to bear children.

Kidnapping and femicide charges were filed against Veronica “N” and Gonzalo “N” on Monday.

According to CBS News, the child is receiving medical care and is safe.

According to a Veracruz government website, assaulting a woman will not be tolerated in the state. “This is how justice is transformed in Veracruz.”