Woman’s dead body found in her ex-boyfriend’s closet

On Sunday night, Tennessee detectives from the Homicide Unit accused a Bellevue man of criminal homicide. The accusations were made in relation to the fatal stabbing of his ex-girlfriend.

The victim’s remains were discovered inside a plastic container in the man’s closet.

Dwayne Herelle Jr., age 28, has been detained without bail for the homicide of 24-year-old Irene Torres.

So far, the investigation has revealed that Herelle encountered Torres near her home in Old Hickory between 1:30 and 2:00 a.m. on Sunday. He told detectives that the two had a dispute, which eventually led to him stabbing her.

Supposedly, Herelle then drove Torres’ corpse across the county until he reached his apartment in Bellevue. He then stored her remains in a plastic container inside of his closet.

Torres’ father went to the apartment and was told by Herelle that Irene was at a downtown hotel. As the father and Herelle were enroute downtown, Herelle admitted to fatally stabbing the victim.

On Sunday morning, Torres’ parents viewed the surveillance video from outside their Old Hickory home and saw Herelle escorting Torres away. Law enforcement from the West Precinct then went to Herelle’s apartment, where he stated he had not seen Torres since the previous Friday.

Torres’ dad went to the residence to check on his daughter. Herelle informed him that Irene was at a hotel in the city. However, while on their journey to the supposed hotel, Herelle confessed to killing the woman with a knife.