Woman suspected of murder after her fifth husband’s ‘suspicious death’

A female Texas resident has formerly been investigated for one of her ex-husbands’ death. Now, she faces accusations of murder for the “suspicious death” of her fifth husband.

On February 3, Sarah Jean Hartsfield, age 48, was charged by a grand jury and is currently being held in Chambers County on a $5 million bond. This was revealed by a press statement from the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office.

It is not obvious if she has pleaded to any charge or appointed an attorney to represent her.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Baytown Houston Methodist Hospital on Jan. 7 at approximately 6:30 p.m. The call was a patient with a peculiar sickness who arrived at the hospital via ambulance from Beach City.

Sheriffs arrived at the medical center and started looking into the situation “due to inconsistencies in the information provided by the hospital staff.”

Officials informed ABC 13 that Joseph, aged 46, was diagnosed with diabetes. They also stated that his insulin levels had allegedly reached an extremely high level prior to a 911 call placed by his wife, Sarah.

It has been suggested by the same officials that Joseph’s glucose monitor had been emitting an audible alarm for some time.

Officials stated that there was sufficient “probable cause” to involve a district attorney and grand jury.

On January 15th, Joseph passed away peacefully due to ischemic stroke-related complications with his wife by his side. No official statement regarding the cause of death has been released by the applicable authorities.

The Chambers County Sheriff’s Office verified to The International Business Times that an investigation was conducted in 2018 involving Sarah after her ex-husband was fatally shot.

It is said that she was not held accountable for the incident.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has released an updated Facebook post stating that the fatal shooting of 43-year-old David Wayne Bragg is still under investigation and is an “isolated incident”.

Sheriff Hawthorne of Chambers County has expressed his opinion that there are no connections between the two events.