Woman plummets 150 feet from cliff

BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY, NC – A tragic accident occurred near the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina when a 61-year-old woman fell from a cliff and lost her life. The National Park Service confirmed the incident, which took place at the Glassmine Falls Overlook, a popular scenic spot.

The woman, identified as Nancy Sampson from Greer, South Carolina, fell approximately 150 feet down the steep cliff around midday on Saturday. The distressing news was relayed to dispatch operators who immediately sent park rangers to the scene. Unfortunately, Sampson had already succumbed to her injuries by the time help arrived.

Rescue teams, including first responders from the Reems Creek Fire Department, park rangers from Mt. Mitchell State Park, and a volunteer from a trauma intervention program, worked together to recover Sampson’s body from the base of the overlook. The recovery mission required crews to rappel over 100 feet down the cliff.

The specifics of the incident remain undisclosed by the authorities. However, the National Park Service has described Glassmine Falls Overlook as a “magnificent” waterfall along the Blue Ridge Parkway. This parkway stretches 469 miles through the Appalachian Mountains, spanning both Virginia and North Carolina. A sign at the overlook suggests the waterfall is over 800 feet high, but the National Park Service states it is closer to 200 feet.