Mother, daughter, and pet dog found dead in Brooklyn apartment

BROOKLYN, NY – A mother, her teenage daughter, and their pet dog were discovered dead in their Brooklyn apartment on Monday afternoon, according to local authorities. The bodies were found by a family friend who lived in the same building on New York Avenue in Little Haiti. The friend had reportedly grown concerned after not hearing from the family since Friday.

Emergency services received a call around 2:33 pm, with dispatchers reporting a scene of bloodshed. The victims were identified as 37-year-old Azalea Rivas and her 14-year-old daughter, who both resided in the apartment with their mixed breed poodle-terrier. The dog was found with a bag over its head, suggesting suffocation.

The NYPD reported that Rivas was found lying face-up in the living room with a slash wound across her face. Her daughter was discovered face-down, suffering from unspecified head injuries. The 67th Precinct is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

A recorded emergency call revealed the dispatcher warning officers of the gruesome scene, stating that the victims had been missing since Friday. Both victims were already deceased when found, with Rivas having sustained a stab wound and her daughter suffering severe head trauma. The family dog was found next to the girl in a bedroom, lifeless with a plastic bag over its head.

Neighbors and those familiar with the investigation reported hearing a commotion from the apartment on Friday. This, along with other evidence, suggests that the victims, including the dog, had been dead for several days. A downstairs neighbor reported being awakened by screams and a dog whimpering early Friday morning.

As of Monday evening, no arrests had been made in connection with the deaths. Law enforcement sources revealed that police had previously visited the home multiple times, with a 911 call made as recently as Friday morning. The investigation is ongoing.