Woman kills mom with her car during an argument

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, OH – In a shocking incident, a 23-year-old woman is facing murder charges for reportedly hitting and killing her mother with a car in Clermont County. Detailed reports reveal that the tragic event that transpired on Deerhaven Court in Miami Township was the outcome of an escalated domestic feud.

Anna Millette, the suspect, is facing severe charges, including murder and assault. She received the assault charges as a result of injuring two police officers amidst the chaotic incident. Preliminary investigations suggest that what initially began as a familial disagreement took a deadly turn when Millette allegedly pinned her mother against a garage wall using her car.

The victim, identified as 64-year-old Joyce Millette, succumbed to the injuries inflicted by the impact. Body-camera footage recovered from the incident site depicts police officials desperately trying to rescue the victim from between the car and the wall.

The tumultuous scene continued as Millette led the police on a wild chase, eventually culminating on Interstate 275, located in Loveland.

Stabilizing the situation required police to resort to using a Taser on Anna Millette, following which she was apprehended and taken to a hospital for injuries sustained during the incident. Upon recovery, she will be booked into the Clermont County Jail, as mentioned by officials.