Gas station employee killed during argument with coworker

MEMPHIS, TN – A dispute between two coworkers escalated into a fatal shooting at a gas station in Raleigh, Memphis on Saturday afternoon, Memphis Police reported.

Officers responded to the gun violence incident at the Exxon gas station located at 4509 Stage Road at approximately 1:13 p.m. An unidentified man, critically injured, was transported to the Regional One Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

One person has been detained by the police in connection with the shooting. The man’s current charges are not yet known.

The owner of Genesis Detail Shop, Donald Parris, which operates next to the Exxon station, explained that the shooting resulted from a conflict between two of his employees. They were apparently arguing over a food stamp card sale.

Reflecting on the shocking incident, Parris shared, “The guy didn’t even make it outside the bay. Could you imagine what could’ve happened? You don’t know the mindset of some of these folks who just done something like that.”

Parris, who had attended to the victim while waiting for the ambulance, expressed initial hope for the man’s survival. He noted the victim’s feeling of pain as an encouraging sign of his nervous system being intact.

The arrest was carried out by an off-duty police officer, who coincidentally was present at the shop during the shooting. Parris pointed out that the location frequently sees police officers coming in for car washes or repairs.

Despite the day’s terrifying event, business at Parris’s shop and the gas station has resumed as usual.