Woman charged with toddler’s motel death

A case involving the tragic death of a toddler at an Indianapolis motel in 2022 has recently seen a major development.

Iesha Bryant is now facing serious charges for her alleged involvement in the incident. The charges include murder, aggravated battery, and neglect of a dependent leading to death.

On the early morning of May 6th, 2022, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) received an urgent call from the La Quinta Inn motel at 2349 Post Drive. The reason for the call was distressing: a 1-year-old girl was not responding.

On their arrival, the officers found Erieomairy Dingui, a 23-month-old toddler. Erieomairy was rushed to Riley Hospital in a critical state, but she couldn’t survive and passed away later that day.

Following Erieomairy’s death, IMPD’s child abuse detectives started an investigation. The Marion County Coroner’s Office also conducted an autopsy, revealing that Erieomairy had succumbed to numerous severe injuries. The conclusion was clear: the toddler’s death was a homicide.

The detectives subsequently identified those present when the toddler suffered the fatal injuries. They compiled their findings and presented them to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

According to court documents, Bryant’s girlfriend, who was also Erieomairy’s mother, provided key details. She reported witnessing Bryant strike Erieomairy in the stomach during a heated argument. This led to Erieomairy falling and hitting her head on the edge of the bathtub.

Following the incident, Bryant’s girlfriend noticed that Erieomairy was not moving properly and was just standing in the doorway when Bryant pushed her aggressively.

Later, while Bryant’s girlfriend was in the shower, she heard a loud noise similar to a ball hitting the wall. When she asked about the noise, Bryant brushed it off.

Bryant then left the room, allegedly to warm up food, and returned carrying Erieomairy, who seemed to be sleeping.

Almost a year after the tragic incident, Bryant is now facing charges related to Erieomairy’s death.