Woman arrested for trying to eat counterfeit money she just attempted to use in Walmart theft

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FL – An unusual turn of events unfolded in a North Miami Beach Walmart when 38-year-old Zipporah Abraham was taken into custody. She is accused of attempting to pay with counterfeit bills and trying to walk out with more than $800 worth of merchandise without paying. In a surprising twist, Abraham allegedly tried to consume the counterfeit money while being detained.

The incident took place on a Sunday, with Abraham facing charges of third-degree grand theft and uttering forged bills. The store’s loss prevention officer was alerted about a customer attempting to use counterfeit money.

According to the store’s surveillance system, Abraham was seen stashing several items in a storage bin and waiting for an opportunity to leave the store without paying for the items. She managed to bypass all cash registers before being stopped by the loss prevention officer and taken to the loss prevention office for further investigation.

The items Abraham attempted to steal were valued at $864.77. When asked to remove her wrist jewelry before being taken into custody, she allegedly stuffed $200 worth of counterfeit bills into her mouth in an attempt to eat them.

Following the incident, Abraham was transported to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center with her bond set at $10,000. Upon further investigation, Walmart employees discovered that Abraham had a history of offenses at the same store.