Will Manchin Vote for Any Democrat Legislation?

(InformingNews.com) – Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) was pivotal in stopping the passing of the Build Back Better Act. His refusal to support it put the nail in the coffin because, with a 50/50 Senate split, Democrats had to get every single member of the party to vote in favor of the bill. Despite the rejection, President Joe Biden vowed to continue working with the senator, but will he be able to present anything Machin will support?

Senator Manchin has been steadfast in his objections over the multi-trillion dollars in spending that came with the Build Back Better legislation. He is fiscally minded and stays on top of the national debt with daily texts reminding him of exactly where our country stands in terms of its debt — the U.S. national debt recently crossed the $30 trillion mark.

If the president wants to pass legislation, he will have to show the senator that every program comes fully paid for. Manchin has hinted at areas of the Build Back Better Act he does support and would pass as part of a smaller bill or individually.

The West Virginian senator is supportive of clean energy. He still stands behind the use of fossil fuels but is ready to work toward cleaner options. He also has thrown support behind making healthcare more affordable through offering subsidies and extending Medicaid coverage.

If Democrats want to get Manchin’s vote, they have to be smarter about spending. He isn’t opposing everything they want, but he is against big spending without accountability. For now, the senator is shifting his focus to other priorities he feels can garner support and matters he holds as a priority, such as fixing tax laws.

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