Water gun fight turns into violent shooting

GREENBELT, MD – A casual water gun fight during a traditional “senior skip day” celebration in a Maryland park took a horrifying turn on Friday. At least one individual opened fire, shooting five teenagers, with one sustaining critical injuries. The perpetrator remains unknown.

Providing information during an evening press conference, Greenbelt Police Chief Richard Bowers shared his shock and frustration. The students were simply enjoying senior skip day at a local park, and such a violent incident marred what should have been an innocent good time.

The event started in Bowie, Maryland, where hundreds of teens who had decided to skip school in Prince George’s County had gathered. Bowie and Prince George’s County police forces intervened though, scattering the crowd, said Ricardo Dennis, Greenbelt Police spokesperson.

Participants then regrouped at Schrom Hills Recreation Center in Greenbelt. The crowd numbered approximately 500 students, and the meet-up was organized informally via social media.

The plan was to enjoy a communal water gun fight, but real gunfire suddenly erupted and created chaos. Bowers recalled hearing between eight and ten shots, which led to an urgent call for backup and evacuation of the area.

Police arrived on the scene, and most of the teens left quickly. Emergency services airlifted one critically injured victim to a nearby hospital, according to Dennis. Four others suffered serious injuries, but these were not life-threatening.

While the initial report suggested there were two victims in critical condition, this was later edited to one during the evening press conference. Of the five shooting victims, two were under 18, with the rest over legal age.

The unfolding investigation seeks to clarify whether the shooter was a participant in the water gun fight.