Viral TikTok Bunker Was Actually The Site Of A Gruesome Murder

During a video tour of a Kentucky mansion rented on Airbnb, a TikToker revealed a hidden bunker.

“What’s in this closet?” the woman wonders after passing through five doors with safe-like locks.

As she pans across the bunker, she explains, “This room has several years supply of food. But it is currently locked, so we can’t look at it.”

There was something creepy about this home in Richmond, according to viewers. They weren’t wrong. Authorities believe that the 2,000-square-foot bunker was the key to the gruesome killing.

Shannon Gilday, a 23-year-old former soldier from the Cincinnati suburbs, is accused of killing 32-year-old Jordan Morgan while she was in bed on Feb. 22. Morgan is the daughter of former Kentucky legislator C. Wesley Morgan.

A Kentucky State Police detective said in a March hearing that Gilday wanted to gain access to this bunker to safeguard himself, his family, and friends.

In a statement released at the time, Gilday’s mother claimed her son believed a nuclear war was imminent and had discussed building a bunker. She added that she had tried to get him psychiatric help, but she had no success doing so. After a judge entered a plea on his behalf, Gilday pleaded not guilty in May.

5.6 million people have viewed the TikToker video since it was posted last week.

Several months have passed since the $6.5 million custom-built home went on the market. Based on its Zillow listing, it has nine bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and covers 14,300 square feet.

According to the listing, the shelter is 26 feet underground with a solid concrete ceiling and 15-inch walls with wings. There are reports that this home is the most secure on the market in this country. With three air filters from Switzerland and two escape tunnels, it is built to withstand a seismic 12 earthquake.

As described in the listing, the bunker is a “nuclear/biological/chemical fallout shelter” with a separate mother-in-law suite.