Two-year-old girl shot while riding in the car with her parents

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – A shocking incident in Orange County has left a 2-year-old girl wounded after being shot while sitting inside a car on Sunday night. Santa Ana Police Department officers immediately responded to the situation at the CHOC Children’s Hospital in Orange that occurred slightly past 8 p.m. According to reports, the critically injured toddler was hurriedly brought to the hospital by adults present at the scene. Following an emergency surgery, she is currently on the mend.

Officer Garcia informed the public of her stabilized condition and that she is expected to survive the ordeal. The events unfolded near East 15th and North Spurgeon streets, where officials discovered the crime scene.

Details about the incident remain sparse. Police are currently investigating whether the incident was a drive-by shooting or if the shots were explicitly aimed at the victim’s vehicle.

Video footage of the victim’s car revealed two bullet holes; one punctured the trunk, while the other lodged itself in a rear side panel. The young girl was seated at the car’s back at the time of the merciless assault, as per Officer Garcia.

The Santa Ana Police Department hasn’t released the victim’s identity or age to the public. At this time, no other casualties or injuries have been reported. They further implore anyone with relevant information about this shocking incident to reach out to the department.