Two women caught driving dead man’s body to bank to withdraw from his account

ASHTABULA, OH – Local law enforcement is investigating a horrifying incident allegedly involving two women transporting the lifeless body of an 80-year-old man to his bank, presumably to withdraw money from his account. Following this, they are believed to have simply left his body at a hospital in Ashtabula.

On March 4th, police in Ashtabula received a distressing call from a local hospital. Staff reported that two unidentified women had dropped off a deceased elderly man and left without providing any information. Intriguingly, some hours following this, one of the women called the hospital to offer some information on the deceased man.

Ashtabula Police promptly visited the man’s residence, where they were able to make contact with the two women. Authorities believe that the women had been living in the man’s home and discovered his death earlier in the day. The women, with the assistance of an unknown third person, are suspected to have placed the man’s body in his car, driven to his bank, and positioned him such that he was visible to bank staff. This bizarre spectacle allowed them to withdraw an unspecified sum of money from his account.

Following their alleged miscreation at the bank, the women drove the man’s body to the hospital where they deposited him. Both women have since been charged with gross abuse of a corpse and subsequently arraigned at Ashtabula Municipal Court. Investigators are evaluating potential additional charges.

Ashtabula Police are urging anyone with information on this gruesome incident to contact them.