Two officers killed in shootout

SALINA, NY – A deadly confrontation in Salina, New York, claimed the lives of a Syracuse police officer and an Onondaga County Sheriff’s deputy on Sunday evening. The suspect involved in the incident was also killed, as confirmed by authorities.

The sequence of events began at approximately 7:07 p.m. when Syracuse police officers spotted a suspicious vehicle in the area of Emerson Avenue and Hamilton Street. When officers attempted to halt the vehicle, the driver chose to evade the authorities.

Despite losing visual contact with the vehicle, the officers managed to note the license plate. This led them to the owner’s residence in Salina. Upon locating the vehicle at a house on Darien Drive, the officers and Sheriff’s deputies approached the property.

According to Syracuse Police Chief Joe Cecile, additional support was requested from the Sheriff’s Office after receiving information that the suspect might be armed. Shortly after their arrival, the officers and deputies were faced with an armed individual, leading to a deadly exchange of gunfire.

Following the shootout, the officer, deputy, and suspect were transported to Upstate University Hospital. Unfortunately, all three succumbed to their injuries. The Sheriff’s Office extended their deepest sympathies to the families of the fallen officers and their colleagues who are dealing with this tragic loss.

As of late Sunday night, the Sheriff’s Office was waiting for a warrant to conduct a search of the house. Sheriff Tobias Shelley reassured the community that there is no immediate threat to their safety and that the area is under control.