Priest stabbed at church during livestream

WAKELEY, AUSTRALIA – Citizens of suburban Sydney are reeling from a disturbing act of violence that occurred at Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley. In the incident, a prominent bishop and several others were stabbed during a live-streamed service on Monday. This event was the latest in a string of violent incidents, with this being the second such occurrence in the area within three days.

As news of the attack spread, hundreds of people flocked to the scene at the church, resulting in clashes with local law enforcement. Amid the turbulent confrontations, reports emerged of damaged vehicles.

The New South Wales Police Force received the distress call about the attack at 7:10 pm local time on Monday. They soon initiated a robust response, urging the public to steer clear of the area in light of the ongoing investigation.

In a social media update, New South Wales Premier Chris Minns called the situation disturbing. He urged the community to remain calm and to heed the instructions from police and emergency services.

The suspect, an unidentified male, has been arrested, according to authorities. Thankfully, none of the injuries sustained were life-threatening.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was conducting the Assyrian Bible sermon, as stated on the church’s Facebook page when a man in dark clothing assaulted him with a sharp object. The attack, witnessed by rushing congregation members, was captured on a now-removed live-stream from the church’s social media channels. Verification of the viral video by the police or independent media, including The Washington Post, is yet to be confirmed.