Two officers and a paramedic killed in a domestic call

BURNSVILLE, MN – In a heart-wrenching turn of events, two police officers and a paramedic lost their lives in Burnsville, Minnesota, on Sunday morning. They were attending to a domestic dispute when they were fatally shot, according to local news outlets.

The dreadful episode unfolded in the vicinity of the 12600 block of 33rd Avenue South in Burnsville. A flurry of law enforcement and emergency service vehicles descended on the scene, but the specifics of the shooting were not immediately disclosed by the authorities.

Local media outlets reported that three officers from the Burnsville Police Department were shot, with at least two losing their lives. A paramedic also fell victim to this devastating incident.

In the aftermath, Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara took to social media to ask for the public’s thoughts and prayers for the Burnsville Police Department. Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota also shared her sympathies for the bereaved families, acknowledging the officers’ commitment to their duty and their community.

More comprehensive details about the incident are expected to be released at a forthcoming press conference. Burnsville, the site of the shooting, is a suburban community situated about 15 miles south of downtown Minneapolis.