Two Chicago teens shot after high school football game

A shooting incident on Chicago’s South Side has resulted in two teenagers being admitted to the hospital. The victims, a 15-year-old male and a 16-year-old female, were shot near the 6300 block of S. Blackstone in the Woodlawn neighborhood, close to Mount Carmel High School, where a football game was ending.

The relationship between the teenagers and the high school or the football game is yet to be determined. Following the shooting, both victims were rushed to Comer Children’s Hospital. The boy has since been declared dead, while the girl is reported to be in good condition, according to police.

At the time of the incident, Mount Carmel High School was playing a football game against Morgan Park High School, a Chicago Public School, as mentioned on the school’s website. Chicago Public Schools released a statement wishing the surviving victim a speedy recovery and extending their thoughts to the families and everyone affected by the incident.

Mount Carmel High School’s president, Brendan Conroy, issued a statement underscoring the school’s dedication to the city of Chicago and the significance of their faith- and values-based education. He expressed optimism for the full recovery of the suriving victim and highlighted the school’s commitment to enhancing safety measures and playing a role in addressing the city’s safety issues.

Currently, no suspects have been arrested in connection with the shooting. This incident comes on the heels of another shooting a few blocks away, where a 4-year-old boy and a 22-year-old man were wounded.