Two adults and two children found dead in NYC apartment

Four individuals, including two young children, were discovered lifeless in a New York City apartment on Monday. The victims have been identified as Edison Lopez, 41; Alexandra Witek, 40; Lucien Lopez, 3; and Calvin Lopez, 1. Authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding their deaths, which may be linked to a possible murder-suicide.

The bodies of the victims were found in a fourth-floor apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Lucien, initially misidentified as a girl due to the extent of his injuries, had suffered trauma to the torso, while Calvin had wounds on his body. The adults, on the other hand, had trauma to their necks. The police spokesperson stated that the cause of these injuries is still under investigation, and it is yet to be definitively determined whether it was a murder-suicide.

Law enforcement officials have not disclosed any information regarding the potential perpetrator or the specific location within the apartment where the victims were found. The investigation is ongoing, and the police have refrained from commenting on these details. Prior to the discovery, no 911 calls had been made regarding the residence. It was only when a relative requested a wellness check that officers arrived at the scene.

Upon arrival, the officers found themselves locked out of the apartment. With the assistance of New York fire personnel, they were able to gain access and reach the victims. Tragically, all four individuals were pronounced dead at the scene by emergency medical personnel. The apartment building is situated just a few blocks away from Central Park, and the male victim was known to be the building’s superintendent.

Neighbors expressed shock and sadness over the incident, describing the male victim as reliable and well-liked. The investigation has revealed the recovery of three knives at the scene, but no arrests have been made, and no suspects have been named. As of late Monday, the official cause of death had not yet been determined as detectives and a medical examiner continued to examine the evidence in the apartment.