Arizona man confesses to murdering his parents

Shocking details have emerged from court documents surrounding the tragic deaths of two individuals in Peoria, Arizona. According to the documents, a 33-year-old man named Zacchary Delane Sumrall confessed to killing his mother and stepfather. The incident took place on the afternoon of August 28.

The suspect, Zacchary Delane Sumrall, lived with the victims, identified as 60-year-old William Keckler, Sumrall’s stepfather, and 57-year-old Tammi Keckler, Sumrall’s biological mother. The family resided in a residential neighborhood near 79th Lane and Jomax Road, as stated in the court documents.

On August 28, at approximately 4:04 p.m., Sumrall called the Peoria Police and confessed to killing his stepfather and biological mother at their home. The court documents revealed that Sumrall claimed to have shot them. He also informed the person who took his call that he left the handgun used in the incident near the front door. Sumrall then left the house and surrendered to officers at the scene, spontaneously uttering, “I just killed my parents.”

Upon entering the residence, investigators discovered the victims with gunshot wounds to their heads. Paramedics who responded to the emergency call pronounced them dead. During an interview after being read his Miranda rights, Sumrall disclosed that he had been engaged in a conversation with the victims in the kitchen before the incident occurred. The discussion revolved around Sumrall’s financial habits and his alleged failure to contribute to the household. The court documents revealed that the situation escalated when Sumrall became angry and told his mother, “you’re dead to me.”

Sumrall’s stepfather attempted to calm him down and encouraged him to apologize to his mother and take back his words. However, his mother refused to accept the apology and instructed Sumrall to gather his belongings and move out. Enraged, Sumrall retrieved his holstered handgun from his bedroom cabinet. His stepfather followed him upstairs and requested the gun. Sumrall claimed to have hesitated before shooting his stepfather multiple times. He then rushed downstairs, saw a blur that he recognized as his mother, and shot her several times.

After the shootings, Sumrall unloaded the firearm, placed it on a table near the front door, and contacted the police. He admitted to hugging his mother after shooting her, resulting in bloodstains on his clothing. Sumrall stated that neither victim posed a physical threat and that they were unarmed during the incident. He also disclosed that he suffers from mental health issues and is currently taking medication, which he believed was working well until the tragic event occurred.

Sumrall now faces two counts of first-degree premeditated murder. A judge has set a $1 million secured appearance bond for him, with additional restrictions if he is released on bond. These restrictions include electronic monitoring and a prohibition from returning to the scene of the alleged crime. A preliminary hearing for Sumrall has been scheduled for September 7.