Three young men die after driver attempts to flee police

Tragically, three ex-high school student-athletes from Texas passed away in a car accident after being pursued by the police.

Phabian Bynaum, 19, Davarius Bynaum, 20, and Malik Thomas, 21, had all attended Cameron High School prior to their deaths on Thursday.

Sheriff Mike Clore of Milam County reported that Phabian Bynaum had been driving at a speed of over 20 miles per hour above the posted limit on US 190 between Cameron and Milano. Prompting one of Clore’s deputies to pursue the vehicle. However, they were unsuccessful in their attempt to stop the vehicle, leading to the fatal pursuit.

As Bynaum attempted to overtake another car, he lost control of his vehicle which then collided with a tree, smashed through a fence, overturned and burst into flames in a field.

Kevin Sprinkles, Superintendent of Cameron ISD, declared that there would be counselors provided to students and staff at all the schools in the district.

According to Texas state laws, drivers should move to the right side of the street and stop when an emergency vehicle is detected. A spokesperson for TXDPS stated, “Evading the police in a motor vehicle is a serious offense and puts all people on the roads in danger.”