High school student breaks her teacher’s leg violent attack

A high school student from Rockdale County is set to be charged with a criminal offense for assaulting her teacher inside of the classroom.

On Friday, the ninth grade student got into a disagreement with her teacher that was caught on camera. During this argument, the student escalated it into a physical altercation.

The unnamed teacher is reportedly in the process of recovering from a broken leg.

Parents of other students were shocked to see such a violent attack in the classroom. After seeing the video, one parent commented, “Oh my God, punching her. Ok, is that girl in jail.”

According to students, the young girl was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center after the altercation. The school district has suspended the student, but criminal charges are being considered.

A video of the incident shows the teenager going up to her teacher and physically assaulting the educator.

Another parent that saw the footage stated that there is never justification for something like this to happen. She said, “All these other kids, they should’ve gotten up and done something. I mean why do you let them treat a teacher that way?”

Another anonymous parent commented that the teacher could have used de-escalation tactics to calm down the violent student before the assault.

School leaders are still looking into the incident, but they have made it clear that they will not tolerate any physical violence towards staff members.