Dad charged with attempted murder after driving his family off a cliff in his Tesla

Recently, a Tesla driver was involved in a serious accident when the vehicle plummeted over a 250-foot cliff in California. After being hospitalized, the driver has now been moved to a local jail and is suspected of attempted murder and child abuse, according to The Associated Press.

Dharmesh A. Patel is currently detained in the San Mateo County Jail without the option of bail. He was detained due to his involvement in a car crash that caused harm to his wife and two children.

If the San Mateo District Attorney’s Office decides to move forward with the charges, a hearing to determine whether he will face criminal charges could occur on Monday afternoon.

It is unknown if Dr. Patel, the 41-year-old radiologist from Pasadena, has a lawyer who can speak on his behalf.

On January 2nd, the California Highway Patrol was alerted to a car that had gone off the cliff on SR-1, known as Devil’s Slide, and plummeted between 250 and 300 feet. The report released by the agency revealed a 41-year-old woman, 7-year-old girl and 4-year-old along with Dr. Patel were inside the vehicle.

The family was taken to the Stanford Hospital with serious injuries. The CHP has ruled out the self-drive feature on the Telsa as a factor in the crash.

Brian Pottenger from Coastside Fire Protection District/Cal Fire said it was a miracle that all passengers survived, as the car had flipped several times before landing on the beach in an upright position.