Five people killed in a home including two kids

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – A chilling scene unfolded in Oklahoma City on Monday when police officers, responding to a call on the city’s southwest side, found five lifeless bodies, including those of at least two children.

Police Sgt. Gary Knight stated that the victims had sustained injuries indicative of a violent end, ruling out any accidental causes such as carbon monoxide poisoning. “These are five people who were killed,” Knight confirmed.

The deceased included a man and a woman, with the precise ages and genders of all victims yet to be ascertained. Knight explained that upon verifying the deaths, the first responders withdrew from the premises.

The investigators had to secure a search warrant before they could start their meticulous examination of the crime scene, searching for any evidence that could provide insights into this horrifying incident.

As the Oklahoma City Police Department delves into this gruesome case, the local community is left in shock and anticipation, hoping for swift justice for the victims and their grieving families.