Three illegal migrants charged with kidnapping and sexual assault

LAKE WORTH, FL – In a shocking incident, three unauthorized immigrants from Guatemala have been apprehended and charged with the kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman in Florida. The trio, identified as Marcos Felipe Ramirez, Darniel Ordónez Jimenez, and Andres Felipe Morales, were taken into custody after the victim managed to break free and notify the police.

The charges against the men, which include sexual battery, false imprisonment, and conspiracy to commit these offenses, were announced by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office at a press conference on Wednesday. The incident occurred on March 11 in Lake Worth, and its aftermath has led to a heated debate over immigration policies.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw of Palm Beach County used this case to highlight the potential dangers of lax border security. He suggested that the three men likely entered the U.S. through the U.S.-Mexico land border, which has been a hotbed of controversy due to security concerns.

The victim was reportedly abducted near John Prince Park around 1 a.m. and was sexually assaulted at two different locations by the three men. She managed to escape by flagging down a passing motorist.

The victim was walking to a gas station when she came across the three men. She was first assaulted near a food market, and then again on Lake Osborne Drive. After her escape, she received medical attention at Wellington Regional Medical Center.

The police were able to locate a vehicle that matched the description given by the victim, leading to the arrest of the three men. The suspects are currently being held in Palm Beach County jail, with their bond set at $200,000 each.