Texas woman kidnapped by former co-worker

STAFFORD, TX – A woman from Stafford was discovered restrained and blindfolded in Galveston following a police operation that saved her from a group of abductors. The mastermind behind the horrifying incident, according to investigators, was a former colleague of the victim.

The news has sent shockwaves through the close-knit community of Stafford. Residents expressed disbelief that one of their own was abducted at gunpoint from her driveway early Wednesday morning. The incident has left the community heartbroken and fearful, with one woman expressing her distress over the victim’s ordeal.

In a brave attempt to thwart the abduction, a neighbor fired shots at the kidnappers while others dialed 911. The victim’s husband, who witnessed the incident, recounted the terrifying moment to the Stafford Police Department. He heard his wife’s screams and saw three men struggling with her. When he tried to intervene, one of the kidnappers brandished a gun at him.

Following the abduction, the husband received a phone call from an unknown number demanding a ransom of $10,000. The community rallied around the family, expressing hope that the perpetrators would be caught and the victim returned safely.

The break in the case came when a neighbor spotted the pickup truck used by some of the kidnappers. Investigators were able to track the vehicles using license plate readers. The victim’s car was found abandoned in Sugar Land, leading to the arrest of five individuals in Galveston.

Among those arrested was Jose Gonzalez Hernandez, also known as Brayan Rodriguez Ramirez, a former coworker of the victim at a local meat market. His wife, Claudia Elizabeth Rojas-Rivas, along with Pablo Mendez-Cruz, Kelvin Gustavo Cruz, and William Noe Redondo-Ramirez were also taken into custody.

The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment following her rescue.