A woman drowned her kids in a bathtub after ‘a voice told her to do it’

LAWRENCE, IN – In a shocking confession, Brittany Danielle Medina, a 33-year-old Indiana resident, admitted to law enforcement that she drowned her two children. This chilling act came after she consumed drugs and claimed to hear voices instructing her to “send her children to heaven.” Court documents indicate that Medina voluntarily walked into the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday and confessed to the crime.

Medina revealed to the deputies that she had ingested Xanax, a suboxone strip, and snorted three lines of cocaine on the night before the incident. The following morning, after her boyfriend left for work, she was left alone with her children. She fed them and put on cartoons for them to watch.

Around 2:30 p.m., Medina began hearing voices. These voices allegedly instructed her to send her children to heaven that day, threatening that someone would come to take them and place them in a dark hole if she didn’t comply. The voices also warned of torture until the end of their lives.

In response to these voices, Medina filled a bathtub with water, brought her children into the bathroom, told them she loved them, and then submerged them under the water until they stopped moving. After the act, she changed her clothes and observed her children’s lifeless bodies in the bathtub.

Medina then drove to the sheriff’s office, confessed to the deputies about the incident, and handed over a key to her home. Law enforcement discovered the children’s lifeless bodies in the bathtub upon arrival at her home.

The crime scene was processed by the Indiana State Police, and the bodies were removed by the Lawrence County Coroner’s Office that night. Medina was arrested on two preliminary counts of murder and is currently being held without bond in the Lawrence County Jail. Additional charges of neglect of a dependent child causing death are being sought by the Indiana State Police.