Texas woman ID’d as kidnapped baby from 51 years ago

After more than a half-century of searching and wondering, the Highsmith family finally received the closure they had been longing for when the Fort Worth Police Department confirmed the identity of Melissa Highsmith, who was abducted as a baby in 1971.

With the help of a DNA test from 23andMe, the family was able to establish a matching connection with Melissa’s children, and as soon as they met her, Jeff Highsmith, Melissa’s brother, said he could see the strong resemblance to their mother.

The entire Highsmith family was overwhelmed with joy when they found Melissa and felt a stronger bond than ever before.

An anonymous tipster reported a potential sighting of Highsmith in Charleston, South Carolina, in September, opening up the news headlines and inspiring Melissa’s siblings for a new quest to find her.

As it turns out, Melissa was living just 10 minutes away from the Fort Worth, Texas, apartment complex, where she was taken away at only 21-months-old.

The Highsmith family is now dedicated to forming a strong relationship with their long-lost sister and cherishing every moment they have together, while the Fort Worth Police Department continues to request the public’s help with any additional information pertaining to Melissa’s abduction from 51 years ago.