Woman facing prison for attacking husky

On Monday, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister took decisive action against a local woman, Elizabeth Jaimes, who subjected a 9-year-old siberian husky named Maya to a brutal attack. According to Chronister, the use of a rubber mallet to assault the animal amounted to a felony of aggravated cruelty to animals with a weapon.

The Sheriff’s Office is deeply concerned by the evidence of this cruel act, prompting them to create a petition demanding that Jaimes be barred from adopting or living with a pet in the county.

The abuse of Maya began in October, resulting in a number of longlasting injuries including skull fractures, broken jaw and rib, spine fractures, and a shattered eye socket leaving her blind in one eye. Even more sorrowful is the fact that Jaimes admitted to attacking Maya after the nine-year-old growled at her.

“Nothing would justify this evil and callous abuse,” Sheriff Chronister proclaimed. “Maya is a sweet and loving animal who did not deserve the torture she endured. This is why we need to investigate this case and make sure that justice is served. These heinous acts of Jaimes cannot go unaccounted for.”

Following Jaimes’ arrest, Maya was happily reunited with the owner and is on the track to full recovery. Furthermore, the deputies have also ensured that an order of protection is registered against Jaimes, who was eventually released on a $7,500 bail. Thus, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has proven its commitment to both accountability and the protection of all animals from malicious acts.