Teenager killed at Six Flags in shootout with police

ATLANTA, GA – A teenage boy, aged 15, is in critical condition following a shooting incident in the vicinity of Six Flags Over Georgia, a renowned amusement park located in the suburbs of Atlanta. The event unfolded on Sunday, with authorities reporting that the police had engaged in a gunfight with a group of individuals.

On Saturday, officers from the Cobb County Police Department were deployed near the amusement park’s entrance to manage the crowd. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation revealed that the officers were called in response to several fights that had broken out among people leaving the park.

The situation escalated when multiple individuals started shooting, one of the bullets striking an unoccupied police patrol car. Officers pursued the shooters, who had fled into the nearby woods. During the chase, a Cobb County Police Department officer discharged his weapon, hitting the minor.

The injured teenager was rushed to Grady Hospital, where he was declared to be in a critical state. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed that no officers were hurt in the incident. A handgun was recovered near the wounded 15-year-old.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is independently probing the shooting incident. The findings will be forwarded to the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office.