Mom charged with murdering twin 4-year-old sons

MURPHY, NC – A tragic incident has unfolded in North Carolina where a mother has been apprehended and charged in connection to the death of her 4-year-old twin sons.

It was a normal weekend custody visit that turned sour when the father of the twins stumbled upon a horrifying scene at his estranged wife’s residence with both of his sons dead. Following his 911 distress call, emergency services quickly arrived at the location.

Georgia hospital records indicate that Genevieve Ellen Springer, the mother in question, was initially admitted under their care before charges were filed. On her release, she was arrested in Union County, Georgia, and now faces a double murder charge.

According to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, Springer was compliant during extradition and as of March 3, 2024, she is held at the Cherokee County Detention Center without the possibility of bail.

As the investigation continues, the circumstances surrounding the exact time and date of the twin’s demise require further clarity. The Sheriff’s Office is awaiting autopsy findings to offer more details, while their father revealed the last time he saw them was on February 26.

As the community grapples with this horrific event, Sheriff Dustin D. Smith encourages all to extend their prayers and support to the victims’ family, friends and the frontline responders involved.