Teenage Wendy’s employee shot by customer over incorrect drink size

A teenage employee at a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant in Lynn, Massachusetts, was shot in the shoulder after an altercation with a customer who received the wrong-sized drink.

The incident occurred at the restaurant’s drive-thru on Tuesday, as reported by WLWT. The police were called to the scene just before 6 pm. The 16-year-old employee was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Videos circulating on social media show broken glass at the drive-thru window and a bullet hole on the other side.

As the investigation continued, about a dozen police officers arrived at the restaurant, closing it for several hours, according to Fox News. The entrance to the restaurant on Boston Road was blocked by police vehicles.

Police confirmed that a dispute at the drive-thru window led to the shooting.

WLWT reported that another 17-year-old employee was grazed by a bullet but did not need medical assistance. A friend of the teenager, who chose to remain anonymous, said the customer fired shots after not getting the correct order. “He ordered a large, he got a small, he came back around and shot,” the friend said. He also highlighted the dangers of such actions in a busy neighborhood with children frequently passing by.

Wendy’s released a statement condemning the “senseless violence” and expressing gratitude to the first responders.

The company pledged to cooperate with local law enforcement during the ongoing investigation and emphasized that the safety of its employees and customers is their top priority.