Teen Wrongfully Shot to Death While Riding His Bike After Being Mistaken for Somebody Else

A Pennsylvania man, Luis Garcia, 33, was sentenced to life imprisonment without having any possibility for parole. He was found guilty of first-degree murder and two other related criminal charges.

Garcia fatally shot 16-year-old Jonathan Rosa Camacho, mistaking him for another individual he intended to kill.

The teen was riding his bike home in North Philadelphia on January 4, 2021, after visiting a convenience store. During his ride home, Garcia shot him eight times. Garcia then fled the scene in a getaway car allegedly driven by someone else.

Surveillance footage from the investigation revealed Garcia in a nearby Chinese food store before the murder, wearing distinct footwear and a cross-body pack. Additional video evidence showed Garcia, wearing the same items, fleeing the crime scene.

Approximately a week after the murder, Philadelphia police detectives stopped a Subaru Legacy, the vehicle seen leaving the scene, while searching for more video evidence. The vehicle search revealed the body pack worn by Garcia during the shooting.

Investigators obtained search warrants for the vehicle owner, Santiago’s car, as well as Garcia’s and Santiago’s cell phones. It is unclear if Garcia was present in the car during the traffic stop. The body pack worn by Garcia on the night of the shooting was recovered during the searches.

Garcia was taken in for questioning and confessed to the crime.

Interrogation revealed that Garcia shot Camacho, believing he was associated with another individual whom Garcia wanted to murder.
Camacho’s family provided a victim impact statement during Garcia’s sentencing.

The family expressed their wish to have been present to comfort Jonathan in his final moments, highlighting his young age and protective nature towards his mother and family. The statement also acknowledged Jonathan’s dreams and aspirations for the future, emphasizing the irreplaceable loss his death has caused the family.