Woman and Her Father Arrested After New Born Discover Dead

After an outcry of concern from Megan Staude’s coworkers, Norwalk, Iowa police responded quickly to an investigation of child safety on March 8th and discovered a deceased newborn baby on March 9th in the 5300 block of Delaware Street in Warren County.

In response, police arrested and charged Megan Staude, 25, and her father, Rodney Staude, 64 in connection to the baby’s death.

Local law enforcement and volunteer searchers collaborated on the mission to find the baby which was discovered ‘discarded’ on the side of a road. An autopsy was then conducted by the Iowa State Medical Examiner. The results of the report and cause of death are still pending.

This catastrophic event serves as a grim reminder of the necessity to be aware of suspicious behavior and any possible dangers to children. It is also a prime opportunity for local officials to demonstrate their commitment and capability in investigation, with Norwalk, Iowa police’s quick action in this case.

It’s important to note that innocent until proven guilty is the principle by which all suspects are treated with respect and understanding. The suspects in this case are no exception and should be extended human decency as they go through the trial justice process.