Teen trades puppy for a shotgun to murder his 8-year-old brother

An eighteen-year-old Baltimore resident has been accused of murdering his eight-year-old sibling with a shotgun that had been obtained in exchange for a puppy, according to court documents.

Devin Wilson was apprehended on Tuesday with a warrant that accused him of first- and second-degree murder, assault, and weapons-related offenses in reference to the death of Dylan King on December 30th.

Wilson was looking after his four younger brothers and sisters, ages 2-8, when he contacted his mom and asked her to return home. He admitted to her that Dylan had been shot, as noted by Fox 5 Baltimore in the associated court papers.

When Wilson’s stepfather arrived home, the adolescent reportedly proclaimed that Dylan had unintentionally shot himself in the skull.

Law enforcement were summoned to the family’s residence located in the 2100 block of Presbury Street. When they arrived, they discovered a neighbor attempting to revive the 8 year-old boy who was later declared dead.

While on the scene, a policeman heard a person crying coming from an upstairs bedroom. Upon further inspection, he found Wilson in the bedroom, wearing garments that were covered in blood and pointing a shotgun at his own head.

The officer was able to persuade Wilson to set the firearm aside, and the teen was then taken into custody and brought to a medical facility to be evaluated for his mental health.

The medical examiner’s office ruled Dylan’s death a homicide by a single shotgun wound.

The medical examiner’s office declared Dylan’s death to be a homicide. Wilson’s stepdad informed police that he had recently developed an interest in firearms and was taken to a shooting range for his birthday.

The stepfather of the accused stated that Wilson exchanged a puppy for the gun which was used to kill his brother, according to WBAL-TV. Law enforcement officials noted that this transaction was not against the law since Wilson had reached the age of 18 and had a clean criminal record when he acquired the Silver Eagle pump action shotgun.

Wilson was detained without being granted bail. He is to appear before the court on the 15th of February for a preliminary hearing.