Student caught with gun inside of his backpack at NYC school

A thirteen-year-old student was caught with a fully loaded .22-caliber gun concealed in his backpack at a Bronx public school in the morning of Thursday, according to police and other law enforcement sources.

The authorities were called to the Academy for Personal Leadership and Excellence on E. 184th St. in Fordham Heights at 9:30 a.m. after school safety officers were informed that the adolescent had a gun in his backpack while on school’s campus.

School safety agents discovered a both a real gun and an imitation gun within the student’s bag after another student notified a counselor. The teen’s parents were informed and asked to come to campus.

The safety officers took the student into custody at the school. Officers then transported him to the 46th Precinct station house so that he could be questioned.

No one was hurt prior to the gun being discovered by the authorities, and charges are pending against the student.

Just one day prior to this event, a thirteen-year-old individual was accused of shooting and injuring two teenagers, a sixteen-year-old female and a fourteen-year-old male. This took place while they were waiting at the bus stop near Campus Magnet High School in Cambria Heights, Queens.

After an investigation by law enforcement, the juvenile suspect was taken into custody and accused of assault, having a weapon without authorization, and putting others at risk.