Teen girl tragically takes her own life after bullying video goes viral

On Wednesday, the students at Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township organized a walkout in reaction to the heartbreaking suicide of 14-year-old Adriana Kuch. As stated by police, Kuch was found dead by her family at their residence on the 3rd of February, having taken her own life.

Prior to her death, Kuch experienced a brutal assault which was recorded and shared on social media. It depicted a group of students launching an attack on her she was walking in the school hallway with her boyfriend.

Just two days later, Kuch made the heartbreaking decision to take her own life.

Michael Kuch, the father of Adriana, expressed his outrage at the fact that the school had not contacted the police following the assault.

The grieving father stated, “A child was attacked with a weapon, and the school’s policy was not to call the police or file a report.”

Michael Kuch shared that an investigation could have expedited the process of identifying and eliminating the offensive videos. On social media, Kuch declared that he brought his daughter to the police following the occurrence. He wants to shed light on the horrors that his daughter experienced so that this tragedy isn’t repeated in the future.

Mr. Kuch is of the opinion that bullying was the primary cause behind his daughter Adriana’s suicide. He stated that even though she had lost consciousness and was covered in bruises, she was taken to a nurse instead of a hospital.

The school has not provided a statement regarding the incident yet, but has only sent a communication to the parents to inform them of Adriana’s passing.