Teen girl accused of murdering much older boyfriend’s mother

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH – A 17-year-old Ohio girl, identified as Kaitlyn Coones, was in court for the first time on Friday, facing charges related to the brutal murder of her boyfriend’s mother. Coones allegedly bludgeoned 53-year-old Nicole Jones to death with a rock in her own home in May, as reported by local authorities.

According to the prosecution, Coones had been living secretly in the room of her boyfriend, Jonathan Jones, at his mother’s residence. She allegedly entered the house through Jonathan’s bedroom window to avoid detection by his mother. The motive behind the murder, as revealed by the prosecution, was Nicole’s disapproval of Coones and Jonathan’s relationship.

On the day of the murder, Coones reportedly gave Jonathan an ultimatum – kill his mother within five hours. When he didn’t comply, she extended the deadline by an hour before allegedly committing the crime herself. The prosecution alleges that Coones strangled Nicole and struck her on the head with a rock while she was looking in the refrigerator, with Jonathan present in the living room.

Following the murder, the couple allegedly purchased trash bags and a tarp to wrap Nicole’s body. They cleaned the crime scene and disposed of Nicole’s body in a dumpster at a nearby apartment building. Investigators believe that Nicole’s remains may never be found.

Prior to the murder, Coones had been reported missing from state custody by Stark County Children’s Services in April. After Nicole’s death, local police suspected Jonathan in Coones’ disappearance. Information later surfaced that the couple might have fled to Mexico.

U.S. Marshals apprehended Jonathan in Mexico on May 8 and located Coones, who was subsequently charged with aggravated murder, murder, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse. Coones’ attorney, Ann Baronas, is arguing that her client is actually a victim of Jonathan.