Teen boy murdered his brother, had ‘hit list’ full of other family members

MONTICELLO, AL – A 14-year-old boy from Alabama is under investigation for the alleged murder of his 17-year-old brother, according to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office. The accused, whose identity has not been disclosed due to his minor status, reportedly confessed to the crime during an interview with Sheriff Russell Thomas on Tuesday.

The older brother had been reported missing since Monday. The younger sibling allegedly shot him at their Monticello residence, after which the victim managed to stagger out of the house before collapsing at the bottom of the back steps. The accused then reportedly dragged his brother’s body about 60 yards to the back of the property.

Although the Sheriff’s Office did not explicitly state whether the boy had been arrested or charged, the Pike County School District confirmed that a student had been apprehended in relation to a family member’s death. Reports indicate that the teen had been charged with murder. However, it remains unclear whether he will be tried as a minor or an adult, and whether he has legal representation.

The investigation was initiated on Tuesday when the younger brother requested his father to pick him up from school, expressing distress over his older brother’s disappearance. The father discovered the older son’s body at the back of their property and alerted law enforcement. He admitted to authorities that his older son had been missing since Monday but he had not reported it.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the accused had confided in a friend about the murder. He allegedly asked this friend to assist him in killing the rest of his family and burying their bodies. The friend also reported that the 14-year-old had a “hit list” of family members he intended to kill and had expressed intentions of carrying out a school shooting. A search of the boy’s backpack confirmed the existence of the hit list.

Pike County High School administrators were informed about the threatening statements made by the student, who was promptly removed from the school. The Sheriff’s Office expressed relief that the situation did not escalate further.