Teen arrested for murdering 18-year-old victim

FRIENDSWOOD, TX – A 17-year-old from Friendswood, Texas, was dramatically rearrested on Monday, charged with murder just a day after posting a $1 million bond. Law enforcement was seen surrounding the family home of Connor Hilton, with guns drawn and demanding entry via bullhorn.

The Friendswood Police Department was initially called to the scene on Dec. 23, responding to a gunshot incident on the 1800 block of La Salle Street. They found two young men with gunshot wounds who were subsequently sent to the hospital. One of the victims, 18-year-old Ethan Riley, subsequently died from his wounds, while the other, aged 19, remains in critical condition.

Originally, Hilton faced two counts of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury and was granted a $600,000 total bond. However, his bond was later increased to $1 million. Despite the significant sum, Hilton was able to post bond on Christmas Eve, granting him a short reprieve with his family before his Christmas night arrest.

Police Chief Josh Rogers of the Friendswood Police Department had expressed concern over the initial bond conditions on Hilton’s previous charges, noting that they did “not include GPS monitoring or any conditions that provide extra security for the community given the violent actions of Hilton.”

Following his fresh arrest, Hilton is currently being held at Friendswood City Jail, pending a transfer to Galveston County Jail. As of now, no bond has been issued in connection with the new charges.