Teacher gets pepper-sprayed by student after confiscating their phone

A high school teacher in Tennessee was pepper-sprayed twice by a student after taking her phone away during class, as seen in a video that has since gone viral. The incident took place at Antioch High School, where the student’s phone was confiscated as a disciplinary measure after she was caught texting and searching for answers to her schoolwork online.

The video, which lasts for a minute, shows the female student leaving the classroom while being followed by other students who are laughing and joking. In the hallway, the teacher can be heard telling someone from another classroom that he was just pepper-sprayed by the student. The student then confronts the teacher, demanding her phone back and pepper-spraying him a second time, causing him to fall to his knees.

Another adult steps in from a neighboring classroom, attempting to intervene as the student continues to demand her phone back. Despite the intervention, the student remains persistent in her demands. The video concludes with the teacher coughing from the effects of the pepper spray.

Two months prior, the same teacher was reportedly punched in the face after confiscating a different student’s phone when they were caught cheating.

Many online users have expressed support for the teacher and condemned the student’s actions, with some calling for her expulsion and arrest. One Twitter user commented, “Can’t wait to see the comments that will say she was justified cuz the teacher ‘stole her phone’. No, she wasn’t justified, and she should be expelled.” Another user pointed out that the student should be suspended not only for her behavior but also for bringing a weapon to school.

Antioch High School has not yet provided a comment on the incident.