Teacher arrested for allegedly murdering his wife during her 911 call

HOUSTON, TX – A shocking incident has unfolded in Texas, where a special education teacher stands accused of murdering his wife during her distress call to 911. Authorities report that James Anderson, 37, allegedly shot his wife, Victoria Anderson, 34, on Sunday evening. Their 3-year-old son was also in the house at the time but was not harmed.

Anderson holds the position of chair at the Special Education Department at Santa Fe Middle School, having been employed there since 2022. His online biography on the school’s website paints a picture of a family man who enjoys gardening and reading in his spare time.

However, before stepping into the world of education, Anderson had a different persona. He was a clown and balloon artist, entertaining children at parties and public libraries under the stage name “Mister Jazzz.” Online videos dating back nearly a decade show Anderson in his distinctive red shirt, black vest, and red bowler hat, teaching how to make balloon animals. He even owned a party entertainment business under the names “Mister Jazzz” and “Mr. Jazzz the Clown,” as per business records. His LinkedIn profile still identifies him as the owner of “Mister Jazzz” in Tyler, Texas.

The horrifying incident began to unravel on Sunday, just before 5 p.m., when Victoria Anderson dialed 911, reporting that her husband was threatening her life. The 911 operator reportedly heard a gunshot during the call. When police arrived at the scene, Anderson refused to leave the house, allowing only his young son to exit.

A SWAT team and hostage negotiators spent five hours trying to coax Anderson into surrendering, which he eventually did without further incident. Upon entering the house, police discovered Victoria Anderson dead from a gunshot wound. The couple’s son was taken to a hospital for observation before being released to relatives.

The motive behind the killing remains unclear. There were previous reports of domestic disturbances at the home, and the couple may have been in the midst of a divorce. Anderson was taken into custody on Monday and charged with murder. His bond was set at $300,000, and he is due in court on Dec. 13.

The Cleveland Independent School District confirmed Anderson’s arrest on Monday. The district expressed its deep sorrow over the tragic domestic violence incident involving one of their staff members in a statement. Anderson has since been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation.