Suspect shot to death by store cashier during an armed robbery attempt

On Thursday night, a clothing store clerk was shot in the lower back during an attempted robbery in East Hartford. One of the suspects of the robbery was fatally shot, according to police.

The deceased thief was revealed to be 26-year-old Jashar Haslam of Hartford.

At approximately 10:30 pm, law enforcement was dispatched to Humble & Paid Co located on Main Street close to Route 44. Two males wearing black ski masks walked into the store.

Law enforcement reported a brief altercation between the store attendant and one of the suspects, who was armed with a gun. During the altercation, the clerk was shot in the back by that same suspect.

The store clerk used two firearms to return fire, which were both registered in accordance with the law. He shot Haslam multiple times. The police officers present at the incident attempted to provide medical attention to Haslam before the East Hartford Fire Department arrived.

The police reported that the suspect was transported by an ambulance to the hospital, where they declared him dead. The cashier who responded to the robbery was also taken to the hospital, however, he experienced non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities reported that the second suspect had fled the premises during the scuffle. The second suspect is still at large, law enforcement revealed.