Deranged daughter persuades her parents to join a murder-suicide pact with her

Upon finding the bodies of three relatives who had agreed to end their lives by a murder-suicide agreement, law enforcement officers described the incedent as a tragedy.

On January 25th, law enforcement officials attended the residence of James Daub, an elderly man of 62 years, along with his wife Deborah (59) and daughter Morgan (26).

In a police report, it was made known that upon their arrival, the officers uncovered the deceased bodies of the family in the backyard of their home.

The deaths of James and Deborah were classified as homicides, whereas Morgan’s death was determined to be a suicide.

Investigative officers discovered suicide letters inside the residence.

Morgan’s mother is said to have made the choice to take her own life, and persuaded her husband to follow suit.

The passing of the family has come as a great shock to those who knew them. The parents were remembered as friendly, and Morgan was remembered as quiet and smart.

Morgan had set up a YouTube channel where she read out sections from the Bible and announced herself to be “a prophet of the most high God,” as reported by the York Dispatch.

Police released a statement about the murder-suicide incident. They said, “At this stage of the investigation, we do not believe that there is any danger to the public and the surrounding community.”