Suspect shot by police in McDonald’s parking lot

In the 4300 block of Central Place, Fairfield, the Fairfield Police Department (FFPD) responded to a report of a disturbance with a firearm on November 27th.

In the area, a deputy from the Solano County Sheriff’s Office responded to assist. An officer-involved shooting occurred when Robert Duncan Jr., 41, of Vallejo fired his handgun at FFPD and SCSO officers.

A Sheriff’s deputy was in the Cordelia area at approximately 2:30 am when he heard on the FFPD radio a report of a man with a firearm at a motel on Central Place. Assisting FFPD on scene, the deputy met with the victims in the parking lot of a nearby McDonald’s restaurant.

To assist in the search, a deputy and his K9 partner drove to the other side of the McDonald’s building. He saw the suspect suddenly jump out of the bushes and run through the drive-thru lane away from officers when he arrived.

In order to apprehend the fleeing suspect, the deputy deployed his K9 partner. The K9 followed the suspect around the back corner of the building.

There were several shots fired by the suspect at the officer and the deputy of the FFPD. Multiple shots were fired from the deputy’s service weapon at the suspect, and he was hit multiple times.

There was no firing of service weapons by FFPD officers. First aid was administered after the suspect’s weapon was safely secured. He was pronounced dead shortly after medics arrived at the scene.