Suspect Shoots and Kills Three Teenagers Before Committing Disturbing Assault

A shooting in a home in Galena Park, Texas, has left three teenagers dead. In addition, the shooter sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl at the home.

The suspect, who is identified as only as a 37-year-old male, was found dead in the home’s master bedroom from self-inflicted gunshot wounds, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Galena Park police responded to the incident after receiving reports of gunfire and a claim of sexual assault made by the 12-year-old. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez praised the girl for having the presence of mind to grab a 1-year-old infant and flee to a neighbor’s house after she was attacked. She was taken to the hospital for treatment, while the infant was unharmed.

Authorities found three teenagers dead in the home, aged 13, 14, and 19, with the 19-year-old reportedly pregnant at the time. However, her unborn child was not among the deceased, officials said.

At least one of the teenagers argued with the suspect before gunfire erupted, according to Sheriff Gonzalez. One of the teen victims was not a family member and was only visiting at the time of the incident.

The mother of two of the victims, who is the girlfriend of the suspect, had briefly left the home when the incident occurred, KPRC reported. According to sheriff’s officials and a family member, the suspect may have been angry because someone had said hello to his girlfriend.

The shooting remains under investigation, and the identities of the deceased, including the suspect, have not been released.