18-Year-Old Charged for Killing Police Officer

18-year-old Miles Pfeffer is set to face formal charges this Saturday following his alleged killing of Temple University Police Officer Christopher Fitzgerald.

The event took place near Montgomery Avenue and 18th Street in North Philadelphia, where Officer Fitzgerald had been attempting to deescalate a carjacking. Surveillance video captures Pfeffer in the act of shooting a handgun at the officer, ultimately standing over him and firing innumerable shots in the head and face area.

A witness to the shooting reported hearing a demand for car keys with a menacing ultimatum – “Give me the keys, or I’ll kill you”- before a stolen vehicle drove off from the scene. Later that day, police apprehended Pfeffer from the nearby 29th Street and Ridge Avenue location after his mother drove him away from the site.

Authorities subsequently processed the teen with a multitude of accusations, including the murder of a law enforcement officer, robbery and carjacking.

According to the presiding protocol, Pfeffer cannot be granted bail. The investigation into the murder of Officer Fitzgerald is being conducted under the Philadelphia Police Department.

Officer Fitzgerald was just beginning his career in public service, having been appointed to the force in October 2021. His death has been met with an outpouring of grief and sympathy.

The Temple University Police Association Tweeted that he “valiantly served the Temple community and the people of Philadelphia”. Out of respect for Officer Fitzgerald, the Massachusetts State Police remarked, “Another hero taken from us by the evil act of a violent criminal.”